Commercial Metal Roof Restoration

Avoid Costly Tear Offs. Why replace your commercial Metal Roof when you can restore it to Like New Condition?
Conklin's Metal Roof Restoration System is the way to go.

Here's what we do to make your roof seamless, waterproof, energy efficient and fully restored to a like new roof.

1. Pressure wash the entire roof with an industrial cleaner.
2. Spray a rust stopping primer over the existing metal that stops and prevents any rust.
3. Embed a 3 inch wide fabric and coatings system over every seam, side laps and end laps.
4 Caulk every fastener/screw with a highly durable commercial caulking.
5. Spray white elastomeric energy efficient coatings over the entire roof.

Your roof is now completely seamless and leak free. Plus we will give you a long Labor and Materials warranty. We have several different coatings to choose from. Call us today for a free estimate!

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Nursing home Roof

We sprayed an inch of foam on this roof. This roof is now seamless, waterproof, has an added R-Value of 7 per inch of thickness and has a long labor and materials warranty. These foam roofs will last for many decades if a new layer of top coat is applied at the end of each warranty. We have foam roofs that are over 25 years old and are still performing very well!

Sprayed Foam & Coatings

Rudy's Roofing has a system for almost every commercial roof!

Rudy's Roofing

Covering the entire Midwest

Labor and Materials Warranties on all our Roofs

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Here is how we save building owners a lot of money on their old Black Rubber/EPDM roofs. If you have a black rubber roof that is getting older and the seams are starting to leak we have a great solution to stop all your leaks and extend the life of your roof for a fraction of the cost of a new EPDM roof.
Here's what we do.
1. Pressure wash the entire roof with an industrial cleaner.
2. Next we spray a primer over the entire roof that creates a great adherence for our coatings system.
3. Then we unroll a fabric mesh embedded in base coat coatings over every seam on the roof. And one any tears or rips that your roof may have.
4. We then spray our final white elastomeric top coat over the entire roof.

This roof is now seamless, leak free and has a labor and materials warranty.

The cool part is it went from a hot black roof to an energy efficient white roof for added savings in your pocket.Type your paragraph here.

 Court House Roof

Spray Foam can be applied over almost any existing roofs.
This is a court house roof that had old leaking tile.
They didn't want to spend a fortune replacing the tile.
So the hired us to spray an inch of foam over all the flat roof areas, the sloped tile, the tile on the dome and the built in gutters.
Next we sprayed base coat over all the foam.
Then we sprayed white top coat elastomeric coatings over the base coat.
After that we came back and painted all the tile areas red to bring the tile look back to life.
They loved this roof. It's seamless, waterproof, has an added R value of 7 and we have them a long labor and materials warranty.

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