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Email: rudysroofing@gmail.com

Featured Systems

  • Spray foam flat, low slope commercial roofs and over any surface or existing roof.
  • foam roofs add an R Value of 7 per Inch of thickness
  • white coatings for energy efficiency.
  • waterproof commercial metal roofs
  • restore EPDM roofs and turn them white and leak free
  • storm damage repair
  • save you money by avoiding costly tear offs​
  • free estimates
  • free roof consultation

What we do?

Rudy's Roofing is a family owned commercial roofing company in business for over 25 years.

With over 3,000 commercial roofs under warranty throughout all of Missouri and several hundred roofs under warranty in the following states Iowa, Illinois and Kansas.

We have many references for your convenience and have roofed numerous factories, small businesses, dozens of public schools, nursing homes, convenience stores, public and private buildings from small private owned flat roofs to large multi acre corporate roofs. We warranty all our roofs both labor and materials for the same length of time. And will never charge the building owners a dollar for warranty related work. A big part of our sales is the Warranty that gives pEAce of mind to all our customers for many years.

Does Your Roof Leak? We are here to help.

Walsworth Publishing Company

Marceline, MO

I am writing to thank you for doing a commendable job on our roof the 100,000 plus square feet of roof your company has coated for us has solved all our leak problems in the south plant facility. The Timeless and efficiency with which you performed this work was impeccable and the Conklin system has helped us through tough weather conditions. I would like to thank you for a job well done and we will look forward to doing business with your company in the future.


                                          Best regards,

                                                        Vernon Robertson                                

                                          General Manager 

​                                          of Finishing Operations

Bosworth School

                                           Bosworth, Mo

After Rudy's roofing sprayed two inches of foam and white elastomeric coatings on the flat roof of our main building, we've only had about half the gas consumption to heat in the winter time and the air-conditioners run a lot less in the summertime. To top it all off we've experienced no leaks. 

                                Linda Species                          


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